Bruce Tran files for bankruptcy

The cover page of Bruce Tran's bankruptcy filing

If nothing else, Bruce Tran has the knack for making news even when he’s not doing things.

What the CEO of VHN-TV and vice-president of the Vietnamese American Federation of Southern California is not doing now, is that he’s not going to show up at a hearing on the collection of more than $1.5 million in judgment debt.

Because he’s filed for bankruptcy, and the law provide for the stay of all actions against the debtors until either the bankruptcy case is over or the bankruptcy judge lifts the stay.

Which was, of course, how people learned of the bankruptcy filing in the first place: His lawyer filed it in the collection action to stay a hearing.

Despite being on the hook for the judgment debt that may reach close to $2 million if legal interest is added, in his bankruptcy filing Tran claims debt of only between $0 and $50,000.

Bruce TranThe Vietnamese American Federation, of which Tran is a vice-president, is a creation of the Interfaith Council, a religious group that sought to “unite” the various political fractions in the Viet community.

A very public election was organized for the Federation’s board. When the results came out, though, the organizers kicked two winners off the board. Tran was moved up the ranks and ended up as one of two vice-presidents of the group.

His term is up this year, and a new election is being organized. An organizing committee has been set up for the new election, but the process for choosing this organizing committee was a bit obfuscated and confusing; it’s unclear what role if any the Interfaith Council is now playing in this. 

Anyway, apparently worried that Viet Weekly editors may run (and, gasp, win), organizers inserted a new condition for candidates: You can’t run if you’ve traveled to Vietnam in the past year.

Tran also ran for mayor of Westminster in 2010 but lost to the incumbent.

The million-dollar judgment was one for fraud, awarded to Thomas Nguyen, his former partner and an entertainer better known in the Vietnamese community as Quoc Thai. The lawsuit is a result of a previous lawsuit (read about the previous one here).

In the previous lawsuit, Thomas Nguyen/Quoc Thai had sued Tran, Suzanne Nguyen, and the media company that Quoc Thai founded, VHN-TV. Quoc Thai had claimed that the defendants unlawfully freezed him out of his ownership in the company. The court had ruled that each defendant got 30%, a consultant got 10%, and VHN-TV must pay Quoc Thai $300,000.

But then Bruce Tran issued himself a huge number of shares, diluting Quoc Thai’s ownership down to 3%. So Quoc Thai sued again, and the $1.5+ million judgment resulted.

Suzanne Nguyen, too, filed for bankruptcy and got a stay of the collection against her.

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24 Responses to Bruce Tran files for bankruptcy

  1. Bo May says:

    Just a question to kimmie: Do you think bruce tran will make you viet- expats proud? hmm?

  2. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May chi chi, you should marry this dude.

  3. xu says:

    Lololol….. what great leaders the Vietnamese-American community has. Vietnamese-Americans aka South Vietnamese are a pathetic bunch. No wonder they lost the war.

  4. tuanphucnguyen says:

    Xu! Are you talking about your parents too?

  5. xu says:

    Lol. The truth hurts huh? I can see I touched a nerve when I said the Vietnamese-American community (aka the South Vietnamese community) is weak.

    Ummm…. no amount of bitching and whining from you clowns is going to change that though. The South Vietnamese community in America will always be weak, from now until the day all of you die.

  6. Jung Kim says:

    xu, is it all of us, whom are weak….here in America?

    All under Commie government rule must be strong then…

    Why are all wanting to migrate to USA then?

  7. xu says:

    Jung, if you knew anything about Vietnamese history you would know this has nothing to do with communism. The dynamic of South Vietnamese not being able to work well together is ingrained in the ethnic group itself. It doesn’t matter if South Vietnamese are in the US, Vietnam or anywhere else on the planet. South Vietnamese in general don’t work well together. I don’t know if its mostly genetics or culture but its definitely some combination of the two.

    Just so you know….. South Vietnamese culture is very different from ‘regular’ Vietnamese culture. The 3 era’s of Chinese domination play an extremely prominent role in Vietnamese history, culture and character. But guess what? South Vietnam never experience any of those 3 periods of Chinese domination, not 1 because 350 years ago there wasn’t even a South Vietnam.

    So you have the South Vietnam (and by extension the South Vietnamese)….. which is less Sino-fied and thus less civilized compared to other parts of Vietnam. This is reflected in how South Vietnamese behave in the OC and the United States.

  8. Jung Kim says:

    xu, there are also positive attributes our culture had retained through our past struggles and my point is that we CAN adapt/improve our strengths through including some of the great American heritage philosophies ….since we had made this place our home land.

    Only then, our cultural negative deficiencies will be over shadowed/demolished in the process…..all in our generation.

  9. Bo May says:

    kimmie; you missed xu’s point by a mile there, so…which phrase or praragraph on the net did you copy from, it called ‘Plagiarizing’ my boy.
    Try to sound smart ain’t you? Hehehehe.

  10. Bo May says:

    The first wave of viet refugees who came to the US is mostly army soliders, officers, high ranking generals, singers, professionals, influential folks who had roots from the North, they or their parents had left the North when the country was divided in 1954.

    So…the reason there were more North folks who fled the country to America because they were afraid of retribution from the Viet Cong for leaving them in 54.

    They are not all ‘indigenous South Vietnamese people’ as you stated, pretty shallow thinking on your part if you ask me. Anthology or the study of races based on the social context is a very complex field. You just just hear from some old man BS talking, that is all.

    Hear is another old man BS for you: the Viets had been influenced greatly by the Chinese in a few thousands of years living with them, there were massive influxes of the Chinese who came South as emperors rised and fell, heads to be chopped, big time, massive genocide when the new emperor came on board, you knowof that I hope. Any way, from time to time when they came to Vietnam they brought their destitute and …you guess it: the infighting, greed, lie and cheat, corrupt, bickering, bad mouthing, showing off but run at first sign of trouble,charterictically, uniquely Chinese. That is watchamacallit ‘Sino-fied’.
    Go study some more, my boy.
    ‘Little knowledge is the dangerous thing’

  11. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May de Jealous chinaman wannabe

    We are all proud to be Viets…. go visit schools and you will find our Viet’s future is even brighter than ever!

    Bo May chi chi, are you suffering from self inflicted “victim disease”?

    Go hate joe papa for screwing joe mama… hate the world you idiot!

  12. Jung Kim says:

    Dear Bo May ….a little weenie is dangerous thing when it lands stinky scum into joe mama’s pitch dark hole hello? hello?

    Down with Bo May losers clan.

    Did you say ” bad seed”? Yes, indeed.

  13. Bo May says:

    11:30 pm? How did they let you stay out of the sleeping quarter so late?
    Anyway, it sounds like kimmie again, don’t forget to med ur self this morn ok kimmie?

  14. Jung Kim says:

    No joe mama was keeping my BIG dog pretty tired last night.

    Does joe mama has blistered lips this morning?

    My ex was a pro…..

  15. Bo May says:

    They should have a library where you stay, there you can find some books to read and learn to expand your knowledge or the lack of it. surfing on the net is not real knowledge, it is the virtual writing in the bath room wall and it ain’t do you no good…
    for example: having sex with dog and shoothing scum in somebody mouth is not the right kind of carnal knowledge, it is not human to think of such day and day out, you know?
    Just remember, never too late to learn.

  16. Jung Kim says:

    Bo May chi chi, is joe mama tired also?

  17. Unkel K says:

    I’s glad some Viet knuckle head’s got the courage to bring this Chinese subject up. The make-up of the Viet is different from the Chinese (mainland) from a societal aspect is that Viets do not coerce others to become like them. They may dominate another group but allow them to remain as they are.

    The Chinese want to convert everybody to become Chinese as if their culture is the one and only. I’s surrounded by them day and night – they’s everywhere. They’s talk Confucius this and that, but their actions and moral belief is might is right. Even with the conversion of Christianity, they’s most likely a bunch of snake oil salesman, talking shiet to cheat others.

    When the Chinese gather enough power and influence, they band together and kill everybody who is not Chinese or follow Chinese BS. After that, they’s kill ones who don’t follow the program…seen this shiet first hand here in the good ol’ US of A.

    When I’s say Chinese, I mean mostly first generation from mainland China, including Hong Kong. There are only a handful who are not evil – it’s in their genetic make-up. All those stories about ethnic atrocities in Tibet cannot be false from what I’s witness on a daily basis here in the States.

    I’s know an ethnic Chinese born and raised in Vietnam. The VCs kicked his family out, so yeah, he got a grude against the Viets. But the mofo married a Viet woman here in the States. Her family put a f*cking roof over their head. He’s only vacationed China but speaks proudly being Chinese and accepts China as motherland.

    How’s that BS belief system? Chinks killing one another in China on a daily basis and this cock sucker feels superior to the very people who put a roof over his mofo head. That’s ok. His piece of shiet chink family struggling like Chinese dogs, doing worse than the poorest Viets. Hahaha, all that coolie pride shines though like yellow feces.

    Onward. See, Chinese people are composed of tribes, and the first emperor forced them to work together to serve him. Fast forward to today. Chinese people being mistreated and poisoned by their own kind in China, and the f-ing Chinese here take great pride being Chinese.

    So, the Chinese are worse than the Viets in that they want everybody to be Chinese to serve them. Let more natural disasters and internal strife plague them leading to massive deaths to eternity because they’s don’t give a rat’s ass about anybody else, just BS’ing.

  18. Bo May says:

    The Vietnamese was no angels themselve, as they moved South in the 16th- 17 th centuries, they wiped out the entire Cham race in the central Vietnam.
    The Vietnamese and the indigenious Cham had a long history of waring just as the Vietnamese to Chinese , it’s just the way it was and has been, all around the world, the European settlers to America, the Chinese invasions of Viet Nam, the Mongolians to the Chinese, The Viking to the English, can’t say one race is more kind to the other, our ancestors were the same, since the day of prehistoric age, if I may chime in with no offend to K’s sensibility…and his massive know-it-all ego, and did I mention, his ‘white guilt’ and ‘white pride’ to the American Indians? LOL

  19. Unkel K says:

    Them days was dark…ok, when Vietnam invaded Laos and claimed it as Kampuchia, did the VCs Vietnamize or coerce the people to adopt Viet customs? No! VCs dominated them as invaded no more and no less. Chinese want to everyone to convert to their BS ideology.

  20. Jung Kim says:

    China government is cruel and cold blooded.

    They are after eventual world dominance.

    A temporal friendly mask is only for the business world to see….

  21. Jung Kim says:

    China has great amount of land however, their appetite for more will never stop…

    Greed has taken over their spirit.

    Their cocky attitude can result in a quick downfall.

  22. Bo May says:

    Damn, I must admit that I agree to both of you.
    Time to go out and buy a lottery ticket, my luck has finally arrived. LOL

  23. Unkel K says:

    I’s just luv talking to Chinese ethnics ‘cause they’s think they’s Chinese and knows all there is too being Chinese…f-ing ignorant coolie ch*nks! Them’s Chinese were lucky to become as large as they are ‘cause before them, the Mongols ruled the land. They took over a part of eastern Europe. Of course, them asian invaders were as ignorant as the horse they rode on but only more violent than others. They’s destroyed other people’s shiet like barbarians do.

    Thems Mongols invaded China and they’s decided to invade Japan. The grandson of the great Khan thought he’s hot shot like his grandpapa. He built up this vast armada of wooden boats built by Chinese laborers. Most of the boats were for river use and badly built, flat bottom, very unstable for rough seas. Mongol high ranking officers were put in real seafaring boats. Thems Mongols approach the Japanese coast line and started lobbing shiet.

    The Japanese were scared out of their mind. They’s getting ready to put a fight and eventually quit and accept defeat. Well, the mongos did not do their homework; they had attack the Japanese during the monsoon season. Luckily for the Japanese, a monsoon did hit the Mongol fleet and wiped out the Mongol army. Back then, there was no navy, only army infantry men on boats. That’s when the Mongo empire declined and disappeared.

    That’s why the Chinese empire rose to power and the Japanese ever talking about devine wind and shiet. You’se notice that the present day Mongols still wear similar outfits like the early Chinese…don’t know if the Chinese lifted their wear or vice versa?

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