“Du Ma” explained, for $13.99

If you’ve ever wondered what “doo mah” means and why some Vietnamese say it so often, here’s the answer, courtesy of Bao Truong‘s Facebook.: “Du Ma” is a lunch combo, sold by the Los Saigon food truck in L.A.


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31 Responses to “Du Ma” explained, for $13.99

  1. Jung Kim says:

    Du Ma sandwich $ 7.00
    4 tacos $5.00
    1 drink $2.00

    Total $14.00?

  2. DuMaLittleSaiGon says:

    Du Ma courtesy Bao Truong is expensive! Spending $14 for some fast food and perhaps plastic forks and paper napkins? Sounds like every white trash and ghetto Viet’s dream to me LOL

  3. Jung Kim says:

    Food trucks tend to charge little more than from normal restaurants.

    Du Ma sandwich combo should be selling for under $10 in this economy.

  4. Dumabolsa says:

    Du Ma……he’s a Du maing funny guy!

  5. andrew and antonioooooooooooooooooooooooo says:


  6. Jung Kim says:

    Yum Yum Du Ma..?

    Go Du Ma!

  7. Unkel K says:

    I’s know the feeling…I’s walking down Bolsa the other day and seeing all the OC GOP d**che bags and yelled D* M* M*, like an epiphany. Now I’s know how the food proprietor came up with the dish name.

  8. small business says:

    OC Investment & Real Estate LLC
    9061 Bolsa Ave # 204
    Westminster, CA 92683

    RE: 7161 Stonewood Dr., Huntington Beach CA 92647

    Mr. Tuan Pham,

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    Hope to hear from you soon.

  9. honky says:


  10. Jung Kim says:

    Yet Joe Mama and Daddie and family back in old country suck honky peepee in fear of Chinese AK47 shoved up the arse…hahaha. Go home and help take another assault rifle up the chunnel to help out the family.

  11. Jung Kim says:

    Wannabe Viet should not use my name.

    Viets are doing just fine…in USA today.

    Jealous idiots wash dishes in our restaurants.

    Go Viets!

  12. Jung Kim says:

    Jealous idiots also empty our trashcans after washing dishes.

    Come back on Friday to receive your checks ……on bicycles.

  13. unkel k says:

    Hola pinche carbon. I distinctly read the blog entry as a reply to an individual, not a group of people. Typical Viet culture, get all the innocent bystander involved ‘cause it’s a typical ch*cken shite move to share one’s cowardice, rather than fight alone. Still runnin’ around Li’l Saigon like a baterd child like back in ‘nam…

  14. Jung Kim says:

    unkel K, como estas mijo.
    Chupa mi perro por cena.

  15. Jung Kim says:

    Some jealous idiots often make false accusations …. this idiot happens to be flushed in the toilet.

  16. unkel k says:

    Su padre quiere perros que chupa, no mi! Joe mama enjoyin mi bigg phat dog as I type…

  17. Jung Kim says:

    Por que mi perro esta en tu cama?

    Espero no tienes pelos en tu lengua.

  18. unkel k says:

    Pregunte a su padre. Su perro estaba en su boca.

  19. Jung Kim says:

    No mijo, pito de mi perro esta en tu anal.

  20. unkel k says:

    Detenga su fetiche anal. Lo que tu padre te hizo a ti es un secreto de familia. Deja de ser un homosexual.

  21. Jung Kim says:

    Si o no? pito de mi perro esta en tu anal. Por que?

  22. unkel k says:

    Esta en el ano de su padre, junto con su reloj. No proyecte su fantasia homosexual en los demas. Puto!

  23. Jung Kim says:

    Quieres mi perro o unico pito?

  24. unkel k says:

    ¿Cómo está el partido de sexo con su padre?

  25. Jung Kim says:

    Te gusta mi perro o pito?

  26. unkel k says:

    Usted es un homosexual, vete tener relaciones sexuales con su padre.

  27. Jung Kim says:

    Te gusta tu papa o pito de mi perro?

  28. unkel k says:

    Usted debe seguir tragando semen.

  29. google foby student says:

    todos españoles todo el tiempo?

  30. Jung Kim says:

    unkel de puta habla lengua de perro todo al dia.

    “Dame mas mi amor perrito”

  31. google foby student says:

    ¿qué, todos españoles todo el tiempo o todos viet todo el tiempo?
    mudo bebé jung.

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