Tyler Diep first OC Viet incumbent to lose

This is the time to be thankful, and the staff at the OC Registrar of Voters must be thankful the vote counting was finished just in time for the holidays.

And the results show Tyler Diep, the incumbent Westminster City Councilman and former Van Tran aide, officially losing his seat. Despite sitting on a massive campaign treasure, Diep finished third in a race for two seats behind Westminster School Board President Sergio Contreras and newcomer Diana Carey. Contreras amassed 25.8% of the votes, followed by Carey with 19.8% or 8,999, while Diep ended third with 19.4% or 8,787.

Over in Garden Grove, meanwhile, Viet candidate and newcomer Chris Phan won after an intense campaign in which he knocked on every house in the city. Other winners: Tri Ta won as mayor of Westminster and Bao Q. Nguyen was elected to the appointed seat he was holding on the Garden Grove School Board.

Diep became the first Viet incumbent in Orange County to lose, and the second nationwide. In 2009 John Tran of Rosemead lost his council seat to another Viet, Steven Ly.

Even Andy Quach, following his drunken crash into a power pole and subsequent DUI conviction, managed to get reelected in 2010.

Diep may still get back on the council if his former colleagues want him there and appoint him to the seat vacated by the death of councilman Frank Fry.

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19 Responses to Tyler Diep first OC Viet incumbent to lose

  1. Jung Kim says:

    Bolsavik is right…Tyler Diep is coming back to serve on Westminster City Council soon.

  2. Jung Kim says:

    Congrats to Mayor -elect Tri Ta and Assemblyman -elect Travis Allen ….

    Thank you Assemblyman Van Tran for growing our future community leaders.

  3. Jung Kim says:

    We need to encourage our voters to support Tyler Diep in unity.

    A small hiccup …. but we will retain (to be vacated) council seat with Tyler Diep’s return.

  4. Spoiler Alert: Tyler Wins Either Way says:

    Tyler Diep will get back in, either as an appointee or elected in a special election. Check out his campaign account on the internet. He has 100 Gs in his campaign account and the best name ID in Westminster.

    Too bad Tyler Diep haters, you lose again! Ha ha ha!!

  5. lottahope says:

    How about this. Fuck you to all of you Dipshit loyalists! Diep will always be a fucking loser either way! You Trannies are finally showing your true criminal colors. Jung, you are as pathetic as always. Howz Van Tran doing these days. He too will always be known as a LOSER!!! Also, have a nice day!

  6. Jealousy Anyone? says:

    Ooh la la!! Fukc now ha lottashit? Looks like the Trannies still rule Little Saigon. Are you a little jealous, or a lot jealous with your foul mouth language? No wonder lottashit coming outta your mouth. You can’t do ka ka about the Trannies. They always win no matter how you dice it.

    Ooh la la! You are a crime. You are a criminal. Ho ho ho! Ha ha ha! Go strong Trannies!

  7. Can't Lose says:

    Van Tran’s allies and buddies are all over the place in this election. Truong the Tyler Diep is coming back. Looks like Tran’s the winner to me.

  8. Jung Kim says:

    Come down little ones…

    Assemblyman Van Tran has been a pillar of our community for many years.

    Thank you Assemblyman Van Tran for your leadership!

  9. Jung Kim says:

    lottapoop has been a wrinkled penis ball sac for some time….

    Why don’t you run for the City Council position yourself?

    No dinero?

    No brain?

    …. and no weenie?

  10. Jung Kim says:

    Welcome to “Van Tran Land” aka Orange County, Ca.

    We have more fun here… than Disneyland.

    Go Assemblyman Van Tran!

  11. Jung Kim says:

    lottapoop……. “have a nice day”?

    Who is going to change your dirty diapers?

  12. lottahope says:

    Good job Westminster! Incumbent T Dip with all that was mentioned above…money, friends, connections (gangster)…and still gets whupped! Not by one candidate but by two candidates. The people have spoken with their votes. T Dip is an also-ran. Now T Dip will do anything to still get on the council. (hard to give up all that extorted kickback cash) I say Penny Loomer is the best choices if a spot is open. In honor of T Dip…happy Turkey Day

  13. Jung Kim says:

    Lottappop, go support losers like Penny,Dime and Quarter ….

    Tyler Diep will be your councilman in next few months.

  14. Lotta Hopelessness says:

    Tyler diepm will get back on the city council. It’s a no brainer on this one, unless you don’t have a brain like lotta hopelessness! Now, there’s a real loser! Tyler Diep wins every time.

  15. Jung Kim says:

    Tyler Diep is going to be fine.

    We need him on the council.

    Go Viets!

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