Who wants to be Prime Minister?

My friend 3 times removed, the Prime Minister

My friend 3 times removed, the Prime Minister

Well, the Bolsavik doesn’t check his LinkedIn too often, so he almost missed this very important and honorific invitation: From the “Prime Minister at Provisional National Government of Vietnam.”

Minh Quan Dao is his name, and his listed experience consists of being, why, Prime Minister, Provisional National Government of Vietnam, of course.

Who created this government? Minh Quan Dao. Who named Dao prime minister? Minh Quan Dao.

Naturally, Dao is not the only one staking claim to this title.  There have been other self-titled Prime Ministers before, like this guy.  But as far as the Bolsavik can figure out, he’s the only one with a LinkedIn profile.

A biography passed around by Dao’s supporters around the email lists says he was a first lieutenant in the South Vietnamese army. When the country fell, he spent 3 years in re-education camps before escaping. Then he commanded his own boat to flee Vietnam, landing in Malaysia in 1979.

Arriving in the U.S., he received a computer degree from San Diego Community College, later founded his own computer company and, according to the bio, “was one of the few young (Vietnamese-American) millionaires at the time.”

Dao is a Republican and the bio says he was on the Host Committee of the Republican Party in 1990. The bio also claims Dao had met John McCain, and gave McCain a simple 6-word advice, and it was this advice that allowed McCain’s presidential campaign to rebound after a slow start.

If Bill Clinton calls me Prime Minister, I must be one. (Click to read full text.)
If Bill Clinton calls me Prime Minister, I must be one. (Click to read full text.)

In correspondence with U.S. officials, he called himself by his prime minister title. Sure enough, sooner or later they would respond to him, addressing him as Prime Minister, Provisional National Government of Vietnam. He proudly scanned and sent the letters out.

He also got himself invited to speak at the Nixon Library in 2010, and posted the video everywhere - because Nixon is a Cold War hero and therefore a hero to these Vietnamese.

But he gained the most fame after he announced a full, complete government, all the down to the sub-subcabinet level, filled with names of notable Vietnamese from around the world.

The problem, though, was that he had never asked their permission. So he said oh sorry, this was just an invitation, didn’t mean to say those notables had accepted so, tell you what, if you don’t like it just say no.

Some people didn’t like it, including one of the most vocal dissidents in Vietnam. Father Nguyen Van Ly, a Catholic priest who had been continually in and out of prison for his political activities for decades, together with another dissident priest published a scathing rebuttal of Dao’s attempt to put his name in there.

Which may be why Dao is now knocking on the Bolsavik’s door. Right?

Here’s Dao at his swearing-in ceremony. Say hi prime minister.

Don’t you dare say “fobby”


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