LGBT group tries the law

As it appears that the organizers of this year’s Tet parade is not going to listen to voices of reason, fairness, morality, and human rights, the LGBT contingent – which has not received either a “yes” or “no” from the organizers – is taking to the court to settle the matter.

Which the Bolsavik thought may be something of a long shot. For all the idealism of justice, the legal system is here to enforce only what’s legally required, not what’s reasonable, fair, moral, and respectful of human rights.

Anyway, the LGBT group’s lawyer Luan Tran yesterday gave notice for a hearing for a TRO – an emergency court order – for today at 1:30pm at the Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana (courtroom TBD). The Bolsavik is teaching at the time so won’t be there but will update on any development. The Vietnamese-American Federation, who organizes the Tet parade, has retained Mark Rosen, a former Garden Grove Councilman.

Meanwhile, the organizers’ discrimination has caused the Garden Grove Unified School District to pull out of the parade. Upon motion by Trustee Bao Nguyen, the school board on Tuesday night pulled the item from the agenda, thus not granting authorization for a yellow school bus to join the parade.

The board of the Vietnamese-American Chamber of Commerce, which represents 1,500 Viet business owners, also voted unanimously to send a letter to parade organizers in support of the LGBT group.

“Diversity is very important to our chamber,” said Tam Nguyen, the chamber’s president. “We’re still participating in the parade, and we request they include everyone.”

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