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The Bolsavik is the blog’s editor and principal writer. His real name is Hao-Nhien Q. Vu and his previous job was as Managing Editor of Nguoi Viet Daily News until controversies over the photo of a pedicure tub forced him out. His other blog is in Vietnamese and boy oh boy is it a battleground. He’s been known to write about wedding dresses for money.

Contributor Jenni Trang Le is a Jane of all trades. A spoken-words artist, a filmmaker, a stage actor, … She was First Assistant Director on Stephane Gauger’s The Owl and the Sparrow and also 1st AD on Charlie Nguyen’s runaway Vietnamese blockbuster The Rebel. Jenni Trang Le has also worked as stage managers for numerous live productions in the U.S. She can also be found backstage on such Viet mega productions as Asia, Paris By Night, and Van Son. Her claymation short Me Oi! (Oh Mommy) is now making the festival circuit.

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  1. Trang web ???c design r?t ??p!
    Chúc m?ng trang web m?i. Mong r?ng n?i ?ây s? là n?i ?? H?o Nhiên thi tri?n h?t công l?c c?a mình!

  2. NGOCLAN says:

    Keep it up:-D

  3. HuynhThuyChau says:

    Thanks !

  4. Tien Huynh says:

    Dear Mr. Hao-Nhien Q. Vu:

    I wholeheartedly commend you for your blog. Through the blog, you have provided a great educational service to the public. You have also provided an example of courage and responsibility of an intellectual for all people of Vietnamese descent to follow. I appreciate your blog and sincerely wish you all the best!

    Tien Huynh



  6. Phiho Nguyen says:

    Hao-Nhien Vu:

    I read the news article about you in The OC Register today, 4/19/08, and I also commend you for your courage, belief, value and action. Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough and move on. Dr. Wayne Dyer says it best, “when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.”

    Their comments, remarks and action say it all. It’s a true reflection of who they are what they represent. It’s a waste of your time and energy to defend your position. They’re feeding off you like parasites because they cannot thrive and survive on their own. When they have depleted and devasted your life and reputation under the banner of freedom and free speech, they just move on to the next victim.

    On a positive note I invite you to join me in helping yourself, your family and the community to be aware of the Pre-Paid Legal Opportunity and Identity Theft Shield, and get paid doing it. Any lawsuit can drastically impact one’s life and business. Don’t let others be victimized. Watch a short video at http://www.phiho.com. I’d appreciate your response.


  7. Arthur Tran says:

    I admire the fact that you dare speak the truth!!! Especially exposing the Trannies of their control over the local media and their incompetent candidate Dina Nguyen!!! Great JOB!!! Please keep it up.

  8. joseph dao says:

    Thanks you I appreciate your work
    Joseph Dao

  9. anonymous says:

    dumb dumb dumb blog’s editor and principal writer

  10. ??? says:

    anonymous, if it’s dumb why bother to go in here for?

  11. Jung Kim says:

    All anti Viets needs to leave. This is Bolsavik land.

    Go Bolsavik!

    Go Viets!

    Go Mr. Van Tran!

  12. Bo May says:

    Not really.

  13. David says:

    Love the site. Was wonder if there is a twitter account where the latest bolsavik articles are sent to?

  14. VC hater says:

    Stop all negatives comments about community.If you you do want to show a good rational person, how about direct your critics of your commies boss.Stop a VC kiss ass person.Shame on a guy like you who receive all good things from your communities and now turn around criticizing it while keeping a mouth shut about human rights violation in Viet Nam.You are some kind of treator who turn your back on who is feed ing you.!!!!!!How about you retunr back to VietNam to live with your master.Don’t you dare???? Fucking SOB,

  15. Unekl L says:

    Is there a difference between the old Viet phucks and the communist dictatorship, merely a different flag? Idiots upon morons bent on destroying its own house out of greed, ignorance, stupidity, cowardice, and downright mental sickness. Eating self excretion is their fuel that propels their ludicrous actions. Everything is done in the name of “Viet”. Like somebody said before, the county is more than happy to pipe latrines from Viet homes for all these idiots to enjoy all that is Viet. I’s be the first one to flush in the name of Viet. OK? Happy aholes?

  16. Unekl L says:

    And one more fact that I’s should mention. The community is the entire community at large, not all the Viets in OC. Remember that Viets coming to America arrived in waves, so each had its own experience. I’s can tell youse that a Viet who arrived here back in ’75-’76 would look at the newly Viet arrival as some kind of freak, more likely a F(resh) O(ff) the B(oat). Later waves most likely are the Chinese who resided in Vietnam. They’s as hell would not consider themselves Viet in anyway.

    So, the entire idea of Viets as a whole is a delusion a bunch of aholes got together to secure votes for the OC GOP douchebags…the very aholes who bankrupted the county years ago and still got promoted to higher office. Figure that out.

    Every time there is some BS protest about anything, always remember that there aholes in every group selling its own kind out. Stoking the anti-communism fervor to the point of hurting a fellow Viet is no better than Communism itself. You can bet your ass that the OC GOP is behind this BS, corralling the community into some BS “right” or conservative ideology when they themselves don’t even know that the f-ck it is. They’re a bunch of horse thieves and quacks back in the old days that would have been either lynched or driven out of town. See the OC GOP idiots moving to Texas? See them running for office over there? Exactly my point. They would laughed at and mocked.

  17. Jung Kim says:

    Unkel L, are you upset with the latest poll looking at super tight presidential race?

    Obamama 47 vs Romney 47?

    Obamama is sad. No?

  18. Oncle M says:

    The onlythang that ain’t tight is your butt hole
    How your time in the prison jk ?
    Or should I say Ly tong?

  19. Jung Kim says:

    Oncle Mastur, I am happy to hear that your mouth isn’t too tight for my BIG dog.

  20. Jung Kim says:

    Oncle Mastur, hairy prisoners drive you nuts?

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