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The Bolsavik’s back, and he’s making new rules

Sorry for the interruption folks. It’s Finals’ week, and in the grand scheme of things, students come before blogs. Now, new rule on comments: Abusive comments will be deleted. But there’s no guarantee that all abusive comments will be caught, … Continue reading

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Viet Buddhist temple OK’d to erect huge Quan Am statue

A 57-foot statue of the Buddhist goddess Quan Am may be the next big thing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after the city’s Board of Adjustment on Tuesday gave conditional approval for the construction of the statue on the grounds of Tam … Continue reading

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Right and wrong in London

So the Bolsavik was riding this bus and, bloody hell, it’s driving down the left side of the street, in the middle of rush hour traffic and everything. Blimey! The whole country is driving the wrong way. And they think … Continue reading

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You wish your naturalization were like this

A little item on a web site from Youngstown, Ohio caught the Bolsavik’s eyes. A naturalization ceremony with, what, eight people? (Including one Viet, Tam Diep Nguyen, by the way.) Eight?!? Where are the rest of the fuh-ree-ners? In comparison, … Continue reading

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Tet is here, place your bets

A sure sign that Vietnamese New Year (or Tet, made notorious by the 1968 communist offensive) is on its way, is that all over Bolsa Avenue, people are breaking out games of chance and making money by the bags. Bau … Continue reading

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Clever little Banh Mi store name

This Vietnamese sandwich shop in NYC was reviewed on here. What caught the Bolsavik’s eye was the clever little name: The place is called the Baoguette. Got it ha ha got it kind of funny. Predictably, the owner is … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas everybody!

Merry Christmas!

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Actions in bus crash aftermath

Authorities took steps against the operator in the wake of the bus crash that caused the death of 17 Viet Catholics from Houston on the way to the Marian Days in Carthage, Missouri, according to the Houston Chronicle here and … Continue reading

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