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Garden Grove Council members demand pay-to-play, Tet Festival refuses

What happens when a private party wants to hold an event and the city says, if you want to do it, you have to pay $75,000 a year, for 5 years, to this other private entity, because two City Council … Continue reading

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LGBT invited to join parade by other marchers

Right after the court declined to interfere in the Tet parade, many people, already in the parade, stood up and invited representatives of the LGBT to march with them. Most prominent is UVSA, the Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of Southern … Continue reading

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Against tradition, Tet Parade excludes LGBT Viets

For at least 100 years, it has been a tradition of Southern Vietnam on every Tet (Lunar New Year) to pay homage to a gay general of the Nguyen dynasty. Against that tradition, though, the organizers of this weekend’s Tet … Continue reading

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Yes, Vietnam affects Viet Americans, but we affect them back too: Book

A long long time ago, academics, journalists, and casual observers all figured out that events in the Vietnamese-American communities of the U.S., or more specifically California, cannot be explained by what’s happening locally alone. They knew that what goes on … Continue reading

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Who wants to be Prime Minister?

Well, the Bolsavik doesn’t check his LinkedIn too often, so he almost missed this very important and honorific invitation: From the “Prime Minister at Provisional National Government of Vietnam.” Minh Quan Dao is his name, and his listed experience consists … Continue reading

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New Viet councilman gets sworn in, proposes

Tuesday night Chris Phan walked into the Garden Grove City Council Chambers a single male private citizen, and came out of it a councilman and engaged to be married. The political newbie was elected with 18.2% of the vote, ahead … Continue reading

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Bolsavik implements ‘Facebook only’ commenting

Gentle readers may have noticed that now has the option of commenting using Facebook account. That’s just the first step. In a few days, all comments will have to use Facebook. All comments using the usual WordPress comment box … Continue reading

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Westminster Viets vote in bloc (Part 2)

In Part 1 (here), we saw a clear bloc voting pattern where all three Vietnamese-American candidates for the Westminster City Council got their votes in the same distribution from the same precincts, and the top ones are centered right in … Continue reading

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