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Red baiter meets match

What happens when you accuse a Catholic priest of being a commie? It’s what Nhon Ky Phan (Phan Kỳ Nhơn) is finding out, after he and Neil Nguyen accused certain media outlets of pushing the communist agenda. It happened at a press … Continue reading

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Redistricting: Strong Viet Assembly district, split Congressional

Before the redistricting process even began, Tyler Diep jumped up and announced his intention to run for the Assembly. In some district. Didn’t know which one yet, but running nonetheless, Diep said then. That turns out to be a clever … Continue reading

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General Ky passes away

The man who for many years was the face of the South Vietnamese government passed away in a place outside both his birth and adopted countries. General Nguyen Cao Ky, 81, former Premier and Vice-President of the Republic of Vietnam, … Continue reading

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Bui Kim Thanh guilty of trespass

The most active participant in political rallies throughout Little Saigon pled guilty on Tuesday to trespass for refusing to leave one. Bui Kim Thanh, who in all seriousness really ought to get treatment, was present at an event called the … Continue reading

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Trilingual Viet educator appointed to Garden Grove school board

The lead vote-getter among those who didn’t win election to the Garden Grove School Board last year was appointed to take the seat vacated by Dr. Kim-Oanh Nguyen-Lam when she left to take an appointment in the U.S. Department of … Continue reading

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Al Hoang in hot water: Sued, investigated, accused of forging signatures

The zealous Vietnamese-American on  the city council of Houston may – or may not – have been overzealous in petitioning to change the name of a small street to “Little Saigon Drive.” That remains to be seen, after a lawsuit … Continue reading

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Hate your Viet councilman? Do this to him

Al Hoang, better know by his Vietnamese name Hoàng Duy Hùng, is a city councilman in Houston. The City of Houston has 5 at-large council members and 9 members representing 9 districts in the city of 2 million souls and … Continue reading

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Ex-Westminster mayor candidate hit with $1.5 million fraud judgment

Bruce Tran, one-time mayoral candidate for Westminster, and Vice-President of the Vietnamese American Federation of Southern California, was found liable for more than $1.5 million for defrauding his business partner. The judgment hit Tran and his associate Suzanne Nguyen with … Continue reading

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