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LGBT invited to join parade by other marchers

Right after the court declined to interfere in the Tet parade, many people, already in the parade, stood up and invited representatives of the LGBT to march with them. Most prominent is UVSA, the Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of Southern … Continue reading

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Against tradition, Tet Parade excludes LGBT Viets

For at least 100 years, it has been a tradition of Southern Vietnam on every Tet (Lunar New Year) to pay homage to a gay general of the Nguyen dynasty. Against that tradition, though, the organizers of this weekend’s Tet … Continue reading

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Who wants to be Prime Minister?

Well, the Bolsavik doesn’t check his LinkedIn too often, so he almost missed this very important and honorific invitation: From the “Prime Minister at Provisional National Government of Vietnam.” Minh Quan Dao is his name, and his listed experience consists … Continue reading

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General Ky’s family making peace with his past

A little-noted line in a notification from General Nguyen Cao Ky‘s family indicates the family is embracing a hidden part of his past – something that many other Vietnamese families have trouble doing. According to Vietnamese customs, at least recent … Continue reading

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Red baiter meets match

What happens when you accuse a Catholic priest of being a commie? It’s what Nhon Ky Phan (Phan Kỳ Nhơn) is finding out, after he and Neil Nguyen accused certain media outlets of pushing the communist agenda. It happened at a press … Continue reading

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Redistricting: Strong Viet Assembly district, split Congressional

Before the redistricting process even began, Tyler Diep jumped up and announced his intention to run for the Assembly. In some district. Didn’t know which one yet, but running nonetheless, Diep said then. That turns out to be a clever … Continue reading

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Bui Kim Thanh guilty of trespass

The most active participant in political rallies throughout Little Saigon pled guilty on Tuesday to trespass for refusing to leave one. Bui Kim Thanh, who in all seriousness really ought to get treatment, was present at an event called the … Continue reading

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Hate your Viet councilman? Do this to him

Al Hoang, better know by his Vietnamese name Hoàng Duy Hùng, is a city councilman in Houston. The City of Houston has 5 at-large council members and 9 members representing 9 districts in the city of 2 million souls and … Continue reading

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