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How Sandy aid money went into someone else’s account

How did donations, supposed to be delivered to New York City to aid victims of Hurricane Sandy, instead get deposited into the Vietnamese Interfaith Council‘s bank account in Little Saigon? The group held a press conference to answer that question, and admitted to a mistake … Continue reading

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Who wants to be Prime Minister?

Well, the Bolsavik doesn’t check his LinkedIn too often, so he almost missed this very important and honorific invitation: From the “Prime Minister at Provisional National Government of Vietnam.” Minh Quan Dao is his name, and his listed experience consists … Continue reading

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Bui Kim Thanh guilty of trespass

The most active participant in political rallies throughout Little Saigon pled guilty on Tuesday to trespass for refusing to leave one. Bui Kim Thanh, who in all seriousness really ought to get treatment, was present at an event called the … Continue reading

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Ky Ngo takin’ care of business

Despite his outside appearance as a sloppy, weird and strange unstable man, there is evidence that Ky Ngo, that perennial protestor against everything, knows what he’s doing and knows how to do it right. When he was leading the protests against … Continue reading

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Ky Ngo’s new target

If we haven’t heard from Ky Ngo for a while, we will now. That’s because he’s got new people to attack. And in the process he’s reclaiming his rightful place as king of the irrelevant. His new bete noire is … Continue reading

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Tila Tequila showed breasts, got pelted

Tila Tequila, whose real name is Tila Nguyen, got on the receiving end of rocks, beer bottles, and feces thrown at her at the Juggalos music fest last weekend, according to the AP here. The Juggalos is an annual festival … Continue reading

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Protest leader blackballed by protest leaders

The mysterious and downright weird protest leader known as Trong Doan was the subject of a statement of boycott by his fellow extremists. That’s a far fall for a man who came out of nowhere to become a leader of … Continue reading

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Strange woman fainted again – the Bui Kim Thanh saga

OK, so if you don’t know Bui Kim Thanh, you may want to revisit this, this and this. Now, maybe the woman has a medical condition that makes her prone to fainting. Or something. But anyway, so there was a … Continue reading

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