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Tyler Diep first OC Viet incumbent to lose

This is the time to be thankful, and the staff at the OC Registrar of Voters must be thankful the vote counting was finished just in time for the holidays. And the results show Tyler Diep, the incumbent Westminster City Councilman … Continue reading

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Interesting snippets on Viet candidates, from Statement of Votes

The Statement of Votes is a 2630-page document from the OC Registrar of Voters, breaking down votes by precinct for every race in the November election. There are also a few important subtotals. The document is provided in PDF format, … Continue reading

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Viet candidates take serious beating

Across the country, except for a few bright spots, most Viet candidate fall flat, losing their races, sometimes spectacularly. Now, of course, there is such a thing as a “Vietnamese bounce” – late absentee ballots cast mostly by Vietnamese – … Continue reading

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Four Viets in Westminster elections

One candidate for mayor plus three for city council, add up to a rather sedate slate of Vietnamese-American candidates running for public office in the city of Westminster. The excitement that would have come with the mayoral race never materialized. … Continue reading

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Happy anniversary, Andy Quach

Andy Quach’s booking photo Today is the first anniversary of the arrest of Andy Quach on DUI charges, a reader emailed the Bolsavik to remind him. And apparently Chris Prevatt at theliberaloc also remembers. One year ago in the wee … Continue reading

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Splitting the Black April baby, and Janet Nguyen got the wrong end

OC Supervisor Janet Nguyen and her allies were on the losing end Wednesday night at the Westminster City Council meeting, when the council decided to divide the use of the Vietnam War Memorial, forcing the two factions to time-share. What … Continue reading

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Fights over Black April commemoration get worse

What should have been a straightforward ceremony turned into a political foodfight that’s escalating day by day. Among the rituals of Viet elected officials is to show up on Black April and pay respect at the altar to soldiers who … Continue reading

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Andy Quach has best car of Tet Parade

Say what you will about Andy Quach, the Westminster City Councilman rides the best car of the entire Tet Parade. That’s him riding in the car. The parade started without him in the car and then somewhere along the line … Continue reading

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