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Trampled: The state of human rights in Vietnam – Bolsavik’s presentation at USC

The Bolsavik made this presentation last week, for the Vietnamese Students Association at USC during their Black April Week. (Click on “More” to view in full screen.)   Trampled: The state of human rights in Vietnam, by Hao-Nhien Vu on … Continue reading

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Mr. Cao goes to Vietnam: Revelations in a WikiLeaks cable

Back in 2010, Rep. Joseph Cao, the first Vietnamese-American to serve in Congress, bungled his visit to Vietnam and was highly criticized for it. First, it was a plain bad idea to go to the communist country just when that … Continue reading

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What is bauxite and why are Viets saying no to it?

Signs with crossed out “bô xít” went up along Bolsa Avenue. Viets all over Facebook on Earthy Day today posted “Save Tay Nguyen – Stop Bauxite Mining” logos as their profile pictures. What’s this bauxite (or “bô xít” in Vietnamese … Continue reading

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