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Westminster Viets vote as bloc, again, in Diep’s defeat

In 2005, Christian Collet, then a professor at UC Irvine, published a paper in the Journal of Politics in which he used sophisticated statistical analysis to find that Vietnamese-American voters in Orange County voted as a bloc when it came to … Continue reading

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School Board VP: Other ethnicities wary of Asian/Viet students

Lan Quoc Nguyen, the Vice-President of Board of the Garden Grove Unified School District, in an interview published on a Vietnamese newspaper proclaimed that other ethnicities are wary of classes with a lot of Asian students in it because they can’t compete. … Continue reading

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Tan Nguyen indicted

Remember Tan Nguyen, the GOP nominee to run against Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez in 2006? The one who sent out a letter that’s commonly interpreted by Democrats and Republicans alike (but apparently not by his supporters) as threatening Mexican-American U.S. citizens that they … Continue reading

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Anti-communists trade barbs

The war of words just keeps escalating. On Saturday, the day Nguoi Viet’s paper came out, Garden Grove School Board member Lan Quoc Nguyen went on radio and called for Vietnamese to vote against Janet Nguyen because she is supposed to … Continue reading

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